Friday, March 11, 2011

Super Blog Attack Squad.....GO!!!!

Well, here is my very first blog post. EVAR. It's gonna pretty awesome as a genral rule, but the mains points will center around:
1) Boring shit like my day to day.
2) Awesome shit like my comments on current events.

Beginning the boring bit.
Today was a decent day, I studied a bit a had slow time getting into the groove of my College Algebra book. I have a test next week, so I need to get a grip on polynomial transformations with higher degrees of x. I realize how opressively boring this shit is, but the important thing is- I'm learning and understanding concepts in my weakest subject.
I have been taking an antidepressant called Bupropion (Wellbutrin) for exactly 1 week and it is the first one I've ever taken. I think it is having a positive effect as it is easier to think positively, but that may have to do with some Motivational jargon I was recently exposed to. Ruthlesly optimistic stuff like, "Every obstacle presents a great opportunity.". Part of me is just a ruthlessly pessimistic, but I'm just kind of sick of those whiny thoughts always invading my hopes and ideas. Fuck me and my bad vibes I guess. Nothing else is coming to mind as I'm tired and unstructured.

Now some other content!
Lybia has been in the news a lot and I have really enjoyed reading up on all the uprisings in North Africa and various other nations. It's inspiring to read about people fighting for their dignity and asserting their will and ideas on the system that surrounds them. It's all very romantic when you read about it, but momentous events such as these can't be boiled down to a few lines of text read in comfort at least one hundred miles away (possibly more). The reality is probavbly very different and probably tells a better story. I loved following Egypt become agitate, get angry, get furious, then have the leader cave to the pressure or the protesters. Libya is a different, less clean story all together. It started the same way, an opressed people desperate for change and finally gathering the courage to stand up against their ruler. Then they get mowed down by machine guns and anti-aircraft weapons. It may have started peaceful, but there were enough citizens afraid of change or bribed by their government to assist in supressing the dissenters. The situation has dissolved into civil war with the givernment beating back it's citizens. It's great seeing how the US seems to have changed their foreign policy of, "This is our world, the rest of you just live here." to "Let's hold back and talk a bit before we poke in to another country's business.". Obama is in no hurry to interact with the internal struggles in the form of giving aid to the rebels or destroying anti-aircraft weapons to impose a no-fly-zone.

I guess I just appreciate my stance as an observer. That's all for now, folks.


  1. second! haha good blog so far dude, you gonna first every one of your posts? :O

  2. everybody loves random blogs, look forwards to some weird shit to read