Friday, May 6, 2011

CNN opinion article on Trump.

The article below is long overdue in my opinion. In a lot of ways, most of the content is more fact than opinion. I would hate to have this man represent America.

Martin: America, I apologize for Donald Trump

In actual news, world media continues to focus on America and its awakened hunt for military targets resulting from intel taken from Osama's compound. Some officials have indicated that potential plans to target US railway systems as well as other plans for violent actions have been uncovered.
In response to the raid, Pakistani citizens have gathered in protest, with some calling for violence against the US embassy.

Hopefully I will have some relevant stats available by tomorrow.

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Here is a new BBC article confirming the above information.


  1. well we europeans take trump as some politic clown, i dont think anyone takes him serious

  2. Don't worry, in America he's just a plain clown, he has no political clout, just an annoying airhead from a crappy reality show.

  3. Yeah, I agree on the Trump thing. It's like people are finally realizing that this guy intends on actually running, and it's time to start calling him on his shit.

  4. Im with Mac i knew Trump was making waves but like much of TV reality shows (Cuz lets admit it that was like some reality t.v worst moments or something). I didnt bother to listen to his stupidity but looks like it really dug deep

  5. I really think Trump is just creating more exposure for his "brand" rather than making a serious run for anything.

  6. Doesn't know much about him.